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An everything you need to know about your Love life, Courtship and Marriage for Every Woman.
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  • A book by
    Eziaku Odimuko
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What Will You Get From This Book?

Relationship Smart Offers you practical and constructive relationship advice that is designed to empower you to become the best version of yourself and to bring out the best in your partner.

This book is laced with realistic, functional and down-to-earth relationship advice that will serve you as a blueprint to a model marriage.

This book will show you how to

1. Develop a healthy self-esteem

2. Love yourself and be more loveable as a single woman.

3. Avoid abusive relationships and the warning signs to look out for.

4. Make the right choice of a marriage partner

5. Define your relationship to avoid disappointment

6. Have a constructive and purposeful courtship

7. Cultivate couple communication

8. Invest in your marriage for the long haul

9. Have a healthy marriage

The Book Chapters

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  • author A book by
    Ezy odimuko
  1. One Woman’s Encounter with Jesus.
  2. Prayer and Your Relationship.
  3. Discovering Your True Value.
  4. Making Yourself More Lovable.
  5. It’s All About Choices.
  6. Dating Is a Gamble;Courtship Is a Guard.
  7. Define Your Relationship.
  8. Guarding Your Heart.
  9. Before You Say “I Do”.
  10. How Do I Make Him Marry Me?.
  11. A Balanced Relationship.
  12. Beyond Your Body.
  13. Conflict Resolution.
  14. Couple Communication.
  15. Marriage and Ministry.
  16. What Every Woman Wished Her Husband Knew.
  17. Marriage Love Bank: Investing in Your Marriage.
  18. Making Your Mother-in-Law Your Best Friend.

Who This Book Is For

Young Women:

This is a good book for every young woman. This book will help young women gain a wholesome understanding of who they are and how to positively navigate the world of relationships with a goal to having healthy, wholesome, fulfilling relationships. It will further help them to be better equipped to easily identify negative and abusive would-be partners and avoid them.

Single Women:

Every single woman needs to read this book. It will help them embrace, appreciate and empower themselves. It will teach them to love and value themselves first as we teach others how to treat us. Relationship Smart teaches single women to define their relationships. It will teach single women how to find the right partner, cultivate a healthy friendship and courtship and prepare for marriage.

Married Women:

Relationship Smart is a great book for married women. It acts as a good companion to help remind you of the things that build your marriage and things to avoid. It will help you learn how to better understand, love and appreciate your spouse. It will also teach you how to invest in your marriage.

Career Women:

Your relationship can positively or negatively impact your career. A career woman can be even more successful if her relationship is successful. A successful career can be hampered and destroyed by an abusive and unhealthy relationship. This book will help you build your confidence in your relationship which will in turn enhance your career. You can boost your confidence at work by learning ways to enjoy a happy, healthy relationship.

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
So, I just finished reading this book. And i recommend it .

I got what I expected and more.
I expected biblically-backed teachings about relationships, well i was served that.
But that wasn't all.
This book is laced with practical and realistic relationship advice that will serve as a blueprint to a model marriage.
Amy Ngoka
Verified Purchase
The book is indeed expository 🔥.
I love how she shares her journey throughout each chapter.
She touched on a lot of issues young ladies don’t know how to deal with when it comes to relationship and courtship in general.
She gets to the root of many relationship problems, how they can be solved and avoided.
She also gives practical directions on certain questions to ask your patner during courtship.
Kammie Agbo
Verified Purchase
Had been eagerly anticipating this book since it was first announced.
I love this book. It's such a blessing and it's life changing . May this book bring revival to those who need it.
Debbie Gonzalez
Verified Purchase
Let's just do a top five list of how much i loved this book and why you should read it.
1. Regardless of your views this is a book you need to read it will help you understand relationships more clearly.
2. Ezy's writing is beautiful and poetic.
3. Every pastor/church leader needs to read this book to help them teach love and relationship seminars better.
4. It is not a book to fly through because every chapter is filled with meat and truth.
5. You'll need to read it with a pen in hand so you can underline and jot points.
6. This is the book every parent needs to read so they can help their kids know and understand how relationships work.
Thank you, Ezy!
Victor Chukwueke
Verified Purchase
I was immediately captivated by the title from the start.
I listened to Ezys podcast a long time ago and i was amazed.This book is an excellent read as well. This book has a message for everyone.
Edward Jordan
Verified Purchase

Compelling Composition.

Regardless of a woman’s status in life, she is prone to suffer the demands that a relationship can place on her life. Too often, I see successful and smart women hurt and diminished by abusive lovers.

I see women who have made it in their careers and other aspects of their lives, struggle with their identity, self-worth and self-esteem due to the effects of unhealthy relationships.

It is sad to see intelligent ladies who make the same relationship mistakes over and over again in their lives. Why do so many women struggle to make the right choice in their relationships?
I wrote this book to empower women to utilize their God given wisdom and intuition when choosing the men in their lives. It is time to break the cycle of harmful relationships.

It is time to say no the abusive partners.

It is time to make choices that will enable us to become all that God created us to be.

It is time to teach young women everywhere to get it right with their relationships.

Get this book to grow into the best version of yourself and grow in your relationship.


About The Author

Ezy Odimuko is an author, banker, mother of three and a Pastors wife. She is passionate about empowering young women and helping them become all that God created them to be.

She has a unique understanding of the woman’s position in the society and knows how the hurt, pain and suffering a woman experiences can lead to a vicious cycle of abuse, neglect and poverty in her life and in the lives of her children and grandchildren.

Ezy thoroughly enjoys writing and has written many short stories and poems, her first published work being Relationship Smart: Love Courtship and Marriage for Every Woman.

With a first degree in Microbiology, Ezy switched to a career in the banking industry in 2006 and has since found great success in that field.

She co-pastors alongside her minister husband, in All Nations Full Gospel Churches International and has been privileged to serve several branches of the denomination in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.

Ezy enjoys hosting marriage seminars and singles seminars and has been hosting seminars since 2008 through her local church.

She also maintains an online network, Share Hearts Women through which she writes inspirational articles. She truly enjoys helping young women develop their self-esteem and strengthen their relationships.

She has a strong passion to guide young women to the love of God.

She and her husband Dike are blessed with three daughters, Abigail, Esther and Sarah. They currently reside in Edmonton, Canada.